MAY 11-12, 2010
New York, NY
New York Hilton Midtown
search • discover • inform • deliver • connect

Conference Program Overview

Monday, May 10, 2010

9:00 AMW1: Fundamentals of Search
Presenter: Avi Rappoport
W2: Getting the Best From SharePoint Search Implementations
Presenter: Jed Cawthorne
1:30 PMW3: Developing a Taxonomy, Categorization Catalog, and Faceted Metadata Platform
Presenter: Tom Reamy
W4: Technical Deep Dive Into Search for SharePoint 2010
Presenters: Miles Kehoe, Mark Bennett, Jeff Fried, Natalya Voskresenskaya

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

8:00 AMContinental Breakfast
9:00 AMWELCOME & KEYNOTE: A Look at the Human Face of Search: Designing the User Interface
Presenter: Marti Hearst - University of California - Berkeley
9:45 AMRapid Innovation Through Search & Real-Time Collaboration
Presenter: Mark Rudick
10:00 AMDiscover the Next Opportunity for Growth
Presenter: David White
10:45 AMCoffee Break - Visit the Enterprise Search Showcase
11:15 AMA-1: Best Practices in Search Engine Selection
Presenters: Madhu Varadarajan, David Landry, Carl Grimm
A-2: Expanding Our Notion of Search
Presenter: Lisa Derenthal
A-3: Searching the Past
Presenter: Christine Maxwell
12:15 PMB-1: Search Governance Models and Methods
Presenter: Denise Bedford
B-2: Remembering and Using the Information You Have
Presenter: Ayelette Robinson
B-3(a): Bringing Real-Time Search to the Enterprise
Presenter: Walter Underwood

B-3(b): Deploy Semantics for Better Productivity
Presenter: Daniel Fallmann
1:00 PMAttendee Lunch
2:15 PMC-1: Comparing Enterprise Search Architecture Approaches
Presenter: Avi Rappoport
C-2: Search for Customer Satisfaction at Standard & Poor's
Presenters: Peter Bozzelli, Joe Hilger
C-3: Mitsubishi: Enterprise Search with Scale, Performance, and Control
Presenter: Shinya Suzuki
3:15 PMD-1: Improving Findability Inside the Firewall
Presenter: Robert Boeri
D-2: Implementing Enterprise Search at Johns Hopkins
Presenter: Karen Higgins
D-3: Tools for Taxonomies
Presenter: Heather Hedden
4:15 PME-1: Combining Search and Relational Database Technology: A Real-World Example for E-Discovery
Presenters: Bill Pieser, Nate Treloar
E-2: Search for Clarity: Semantic Search for the Enterprise
Presenter: Lynda Moulton
E-3: Sharpening Enterprise Search Performance
Presenters: Keith DeWeese, Harald Kirsch, Stacy Monarko
5:00 PMWelcome Reception In the Enterprise Search Showcase

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

8:00 AMContinental Breakfast
9:00 AMKEYNOTE: Search & Discovery Patterns
Presenter: Peter Morville - Semantic Studios
10:00 AMKEYNOTE PANEL: In Search of Search
Presenters: Susan Feldman - Synthexis, Haroon Suleman - Mercer, Jim Cassella - Colorcon, Inc, Michael Mills - Kraft & Kennedy, Inc.
10:45 AMCoffee Break - Visit the Enterprise Search Showcase
11:15 AMF-1: Enterprise Search Metrics
Presenter: Jeannine Bartlett
F-2: BI in the Age of Social Media
Presenter: David Bean
F-3: Search, Relevancy and Performance: Keeping up with Massive Query Volumes and Minimizing Latency
Presenters: Lasse Hamre, Sid Probstein
12:00 PMAttendee Lunch
1:00 PMG-1: Optimizing a Global Workforce
Presenters: Eric Andersen, Vladimir Zelevinsky
G-2: Renovating Statistics Canada Site Search
Presenter: Kathy White
G-3: Deriving Order From Chaos Through Discovery and Awareness
Presenters: Thierry Hubert, Bill Ives
1:45 PMCoffee Break - Visit the Enterprise Search Showcase
2:15 PMH-1: Get Me on the Plane Safely: Connecting the Dots to Help Prevent Terrorist Attacks
Presenters: Emil Kaunitz, Mark Moorehead
H-2: Sustainable Search at DuPont: One Tool Meets the Needs of Many
Presenter: Alicia Shortlidge
3:15 PMCLOSING KEYNOTE: The Future of Search
Presenter: Leslie Owens - Forrester Research