OCT 17-19, 2012
Washington, DC
Renaissance Washington, DC Hotel
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Enterprise Search Summit Fall 2012 Presentations

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

WELCOME & KEYNOTE: Learning & Knowledge Sharing
KEYNOTE: Aligning Corporate Information Governance & Content
Cloud Search: Who, Why and When for the Enterprise
Constance Ard - 1015_Ard.ppt
A Linking Solution to Enhance Knowledge Discovery: FDA Case Study
Helen Mitchell - 1115_Mitchell.jpg
Helen Mitchell - 1115_Mitchell.pdf
The Weakest Link-In Enterprise Search
Market Insights on Search and Customer Experience
Organizing Content for Findability
Market Insights on Creating Successful Search
Best Practices for Enterprise Search
John Chmaj - 1615_Chmaj.ppt
Kurt Kragh Sørensen - 1615_Srensen.pptx

Thursday, October 18, 2012

KEYNOTE: Facilitating Knowledge Sharing
KEYNOTE: The Value of Content Intelligence to Big Data
The Filter Bubble, Fragmentation, and Universal Search
Martin Baumgartel - 1045_Baumgartel.pdf
Market Insights on Search in the Era of Big Data
Attendee Luncheon in the Enterprise Solutions Showcase
Search Management and Strategy Case Studies
Patriek Karayil - 1400_Karayil.pptx
Patricia A Kelley - 1400_Kelley.pptx
Speeding Up Search with In-Memory Indexing
Enhancing Search With Authentication and Optimization Techniques
Richard Iams - 1615_Iams.pdf
Diana Bittern - bittern.ess.pptx
Richard Iams - 1615_Iams(1).pdf

Friday, October 19, 2012

KEYNOTE: KM Saves Lives
KEYNOTE: How The Cloud Transforms Search
Unifying Search: Multiple Tools, One User Experience
Krista Kennedy Groenwoldt - 1045_Groenwoldt.pptx
Market Insights on Scaling and Managing Search for the Large Enterprise
Kamran Khan - 1145_Khan.pdf
Attendee Luncheon in the Enterprise Solutions Showcase
Planning for Future Search
Martin White - 1400_White.pptx
Driving Today’s Best Web Experiences
CLOSING KEYNOTE: Making KM Strategic