MAY 15-16, 2012
New York, NY
New York Hilton Midtown
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Enterprise Search Summit Spring 2012 Speakers

Constance Ard, Senior Project Manager, Arnold IT
Stephen E. Arnold, Managing Director,
Jeannine A Bartlett, VP & Chief Solutions Architect, Earley Information Science
Linda Beaudoin, Director of eDiscovery Analytics, Daegis
Bryan Bell, Executive Vice President, Expert System
Jeremy Bentley, CEO & Founder, Smartlogic
Nicholas Bisciotti, Senior SharePoint Architect, Quantech Services, inc.
Lars Boerger, Former Director, Medtronic Spine & Biologic International BI Unit
Ed Dale, Search Services Manager, EY Knowledge, EY
James Dawson, Director, Forensic Technology, KPMG
Jeffrey Feist, Enterprise Search Platform, Merck & Co., Inc.
Susan E. Feldman, CEO, Synthexis
Jeff Fried, CTO, BA Insight
Jamie Goodale, Senior Director, Solution Strategy and Business Development, NovaQuest
Otis Gospodnetic, Founder, Sematext International
Seth Grimes, Analytics Strategy Consultant, Alta Plana Corporation
Heather Hedden, Senior Vocabulary Editor, Cengage Learning
Colin Jeavons, Founder and CEO, Vertical Search Works
Miles Kehoe, Founder & President, New Idea Engineering
Evelyn L Kent, MCT SmartContent Product Manager, McClatchy-Tribune Information Services
Kamran Khan, President & CEO, Search Technologies
Mikhail Kotov, Product Manager, Enterprise Search, eBusiness, National Instruments
Bjorn Laukli, CEO, Comperio, Inc.
Namita Mittal, Search Manager, Merck and Co.
Lynda Moulton, Principal, LWM Technology Services
Mark Myers, Product and Solution Marketing Leader, IBM Watson Explorer
Kristian Norling, Founder & CEO, Norling & Company
Kenn North, Senior Product Manager - Search, National Instruments
Marydee Ojala, Editor-in-Chief, Online Searcher magazine
Paul Olenick, Senior Enterprise Search Engineer, Arcovis
Bruce Olsen, Product Marketing, Kapow Software
Tom Reamy, Chief Knowledge Architect, KAPS Group
Valentin Richter, CEO, Raytion GmbH
Ute Rother, CEO, Q-Sensei Corp.
David Seuss, CEO, Northern Light
Linda G. Sharp, Associate General Counsel, ZL Technologies
Tamir Sigal, Director, Product Marketing and Strategy, RSD
Michael P. Skinner, Manager External Analytical Tool Evaluation and Reverse Engineering, Intel
Dan Stroman, Vice President Sales, Discover Technologies
Marianne Sweeny, VP Internet Marketing, Your Strategic Edge
Tyler Tate, Lead Designer, TwigKit
Peter Tebbenhoff, Senior Director, Knowledge Management, Oracle
Jordi Torras, Founder & CEO, Inbenta
Christian Vogt, Director Search Consulting, Raytion
Daniel Webster, SharePoint Enterprise Search Architect, Summit 7 Systems, Inc.
Rory Welch, CEO, WaLa!, Inc.